Eco-Friendly Landscaping

You’d think that simply planting some trees and grass in your yard would be a very eco-friendly thing to do. The answer to that is, it depends on the type of tree and grass, their thirst level and frequency of watering, fertilizer used and pest and disease control methods. Beautify your home’s landscape and be kind to the earth with a few of these tips and ideas for creating a truly green landscape design.

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Snow Fence is Not an Alternative to Geogrid

Retaining walls are serious business and a lot of bad things can happen if they are not done the right way.

As contractors, we are all responsible for ensuring our work is done properly. Homeowners trust contractors to know what they’re doing. If you’re ever not sure on specifics, you should ask – lots of people willing to teach what they know. Case in point – we saw this recently and its bad news: A property with a brand new 7-foot retaining wall, and obviously built without engineering or permits. It was very poor construction.

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