Tis the season – protect your deck this winter

Before the chill in the air turns into harsh winter weather, prepare your decks, patios and sidewalks for the winter months ahead. The combination of foot traffic, food spills and weather can take its toll on any deck unless properly maintained.

Clear and Clean Thoroughly:

  • The first step to prepping your deck is always clearing it of any items that could be damaged or cause damage in the winter. Ensure you store and protect any cushions, mats & area rugs.
  • Clean your deck thoroughly to remove the remnants of summer and get it ready for winter. Exposure to sun can cause wood to turn gray and exposure to moisture can create the perfect conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, moss and algae.
  • Don’t forget your BBQ! After all of your summer entertaining, be sure you clean out your BBQ. Whether you grill all year long, or put it away until the spring, a clean BBQ will last longer without any surprises.
  • With the cold approaching, be sure you blow out any irrigation systems. Water in pipes can freeze and cause bigger problems down the road.
  • A winter must-have is lighting. With shorter days lighting is important for safety and provides the atmosphere for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces any time of the year. Consider adding more lighting to your landscape and your living spaces.

Don’t forget to start your Spring To-Do list:

  • Restore the Deck: As you clean your deck, you’re going to want to keep an eye for any damaged boards or other signs of damage on your structure – add these repairs to your spring list.
  • Apply a Protective Finish: It is important to apply a water-repellent finish to protect your deck. Moisture such as ice, snow, sleet and rain can penetrate an unprotected surface, which can cause splitting, cracking and warping. Once your repairs are done, stain/seal your deck again and enjoy for another year.

You have invested a great deal of time and money on your outdoor living space; you want to make sure your investment is protected. Contact us today and we’ll help you with all of your outdoor living space needs.

Enjoy your Deck this Fall Season

Yes, summer is over and fall is well under way. The fall means colder and wetter weather but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor living spaces. Your decks and patios are the centerpieces of your outdoor spaces, and you have invested a lot into them, so why start shutting down when the fall weather takes over?

Enjoy your decks and patios throughout the colder seasons, but just in a different way. Here are three ways to help extend your outdoor living late into the year:

Don’t Pack It In – Even if the temperature dropped items such as planters, rugs, and furniture won’t mind a little chill. Anything in and around your deck should remain in place until the first snow fall. Consider adding, not taking away from the look of your outdoor spaces in the fall.

Add Heat – When the sun fails to warm you up, all is not lost. There are lots of ways to heat up your outdoor space. Patio heaters have become increasingly popular. When choosing a heater for your deck, consider the space, how much heat you need and what kind of heat will work best for your needs? Creating a comfortable temperature will keep you and your loved ones outside longer.

Lighting – Fall, with its shorter days, is the time to take advantage of any lighting you already have. It’s also a great time to consider adding more lighting to your landscape and your living spaces. Lighting is important for safety and provides the atmosphere for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces any time of year.
Don’t let the end of summer be the end of good times on your deck. Our experts at Cavalry can help you prepare for the fall and winter season, so you can enjoy your deck or patio for longer.

If you’ve procrastinated, that doesn’t mean you need to wait until next spring to build or start designing a show-stopping deck.

Whether you’re looking at preparing your deck for the colder seasons, repairing your older and/or possibly damaged deck, or considering any improvements for your backyard, contact us today and we’ll help you with all your outdoor living space needs.

Spring is here

natural light

​Spring is here, which means it is almost time to move out the patio furniture and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors. But, before you do, make sure you clean, restore and protect your deck so you can get the most out of it during the spring and summer months ahead.

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