Patios, Walkways & Driveways

The Cavalry takes great pride in our paving stone installations. Patios, walkways and driveways can be enhanced by the unlimited color, style and pattern options available with paving stones.

Are you tired of watching concrete crack? Do you have weeds growing between your paving stones? The Cavalry Construction Group offers the advantages of solid concrete with the flexibility of paving stones, without the weeds or other concerns.

We guarantee our work to be the most durable of paving stone installations. Any concrete, asphalt, or paving stone installation will move with the natural settlement of the ground by disruption by tree roots. In 10 years, instead of replacing a cracked driveway, or attempting to patch concrete that usually results in obvious and ugly scars, we will be able to lift and reset the original surface. Repairing any issue without a significant change in the appearance of the area.

Advantages of Paving Stones
In addition to the limitless colour and texture combinations available, pavers can be used from the moment the installation is complete. No need to wait for curing or cooling. In addition, pavers provide firm non-slip footing even on pool decks or steep driveways.

The main advantage of pavers is that any future alterations, additions or repairs can be done in small sections, instead of having to re-do an entire concrete surface. Paving stones are advantageous when installed correctly, be sure to use an experienced contractor like The Cavalry when considering a paving stone installation or upgrade.