Retaining Walls

Only a certified master retaining wall installer like the Cavalry is able to design and install a retention system that is both aesthetically pleasing and secure. The Cavalry Construction Group has completed extensive training in all aspects of the design and installation of retaining walls.

Our real-world experience includes:

  • Residential land reclamation
  • Residential landscape terracing
  • Road construction
  • New subdivisions and land development.
  • Replacement of failing and aging timber retaining walls
  • Working on job sites with extremely challenging terrain and difficult access
  • Engineered retaining walls (Seismic requirements)

Note* Did you know that retaining walls over 1.2 meters (4 feet tall) will always require Geotechnical Engineering, without exception? In some municipalities, even walls as low as 0.9 meters (3 feet tall) can require engineering.

The installation of a retention system requires an experienced professional, by using a less experienced or unknown contractor you run the risk of major damage.

Earthquake Tested
Our walls pass all tests and inspections, even when they come as a surprise. Our most surprising experience was during the final inspection of a 20-foot tall, 400 foot long retaining wall in Bothell, Washington, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake lasting 45 seconds shook us, our wall, and the head engineer of Snohomish County.

We could actually see the road ripple and move in front of us. The wall was also moving with the ground. The fact that the wall system is flexible to ground movement was never more apparent or successfully demonstrated. Needless to say, a large earthquake is a perfect test of the durability and quality of our installations.

The result: The wall remained intact, did not shift or settle in any way, and we passed the inspection with flying colors (of course!).