2014 Outdoor Design Trend #2: Landscape Lighting

Set the mood or enhance a feature with soft lights for evening enjoyment.

We’ve been putting together a list of 6 outdoor living and landscape construction design trends that fine homeowners have been asking The Cavalry to integrate into their yard this season.

We’ll be reviewing the top 6 trends over the next few weeks. Last week, we revealed our first outdoor design trend for 2014, outdoor entertaining and dining areas.

This week, our second outdoor design trend is landscape lighting.

Exterior lighting is an excellent way to decorate your outdoor living space. Whether it’s for your deck, patio or garden, ambient lighting enhances your yard.

There are also practical reasons for outdoor lighting, including safety and security. Strategically place lights that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Use ambient lighting to light the way on steps and walkways. This provides both a safe and beautiful experience.

Ambient lighting is also a perfect landscaping element to highlight key decorative features in your backyard. Emphasize water features, such as ponds, fountains and waterfalls with soft or coloured lighting. Illuminate your garden and trees to feature key areas in your yard.

Lighting can change the way you experience your outdoor living space as it transitions from day to evening to night.