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Maximize your outdoor space with better planning

One of the biggest investments anybody will make is in their home. It doesn’t matter if your current home is an expansive estate, has a modest yard, or just a small urban footprint – a little landscaping design can go a long way.

The Cavalry Construction Group provides landscaping design and installation services for your outdoor landscaping construction projects.

If spring weather has you thinking of outdoor living space, start here:

Clear the clutter from your yard

This will help you see the space you have to work with. Ask yourself these questions:
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  • What storage is available? Is there space for a shed or a deck storage bin?
  • What can be put out of sight? Putting away toys and tools will visually open the space for design potential.
  • What furniture can be stacked and stored and what should be on display?

When a yard is full of furniture, equipment, toys and tools it’s difficult to see past the debris to visualize a new design that best suits your lifestyle needs.

Add visual depth

Layers of height in a landscaping design will create an illusion of larger space. Start along the fence line with tall plants or vines and work towards ground level with shorter levels of plants. The tall plants will also provide added privacy. Vertical gardens are an attractive focal point with added plant life and minimum use of space.

Follow this link to see 11 Inspiring Vertical Gardens.

Soundproof the yard

If your home is near a busy street, or you have noisy neighbours, here are some elements of landscaping design that can be incorporated as part of your landscaping:

  1. Suppress noises with a tall barrier. The goal is to create a tall, wedge-shaped barrier that directs sound waves upward. A solid wall will go a long ways towards moderating noises. Hard surfaces like masonry, stucco or stone will reflect sound waves and bounce them up and back toward the source.
  2. Carve out a quiet space. If building a tall barrier is impractical, consider building a sunken space for outdoor gatherings instead. While creating height inversely, a sunken area has the additional benefit of a sound-deadening soil surround.
  3. Select plants with sound suppression in mind. Wide, dense plantings that include both deciduous and evergreen plants are the most effective for year-round noise abatement.
  4. Create additional layers of white noise. Multiple layers of desirable sounds work together to mute or take attention away from undesirable noises. A simple water feature may provide enough soothing sound to distract from annoying noises.

Read all the tips to Design Your Landscape for Peace and Quiet on Houzz.

Create a focal point

Water features, living walls and outdoor structures will set the stage for tranquility, entertainment and style. Check out some of our galleries for focal point inspiration:
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A good landscaping design will improve the quality of your lifestyle. It should be a reflection of your entertainment and relaxation needs to create your personal urban oasis.

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