Natural Stone & Masonry Features

There is something rustic and unique about natural stone that makes it a favourite for luxury custom homes. Natural stone and masonry features are one-of-a-kind and can be incorporated into many areas of your property.

In addition to patios, stairs and walls, we are relied upon to think creatively with our stone features. We enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing, and employ experienced masons and stoneworkers to ensure that our designs are both aesthetically appealing and useful.

Natural stone is useful for enhancing your garden by providing elevations and contours. It is also low maintenance and provides natural character that is unavailable in other building materials. 

Masonry features are extremely versatile and can be molded into almost any shape and design. When considering masonry features, it is critically important that you use an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. The climate in B.C. can be damaging to some masonry features if they are not built with longevity in mind.