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The Cavalry Called to Fix Contractor's Mess for Carport Update

THE ISSUE: One prior contractor, money missing, weeks of delays and a huge mess to clean up… and subcontractors knocking on the door looking for payments.

This case involves a good family trusting an apparently good contractor, and finding out things were not as they appeared. The contractor was hired to replace a rotten and failing railway tie wall (a very common problem and why we prefer to install block and concrete walls). The work proceeded well for a couple of weeks; the excavation and hauling were done by a sub-contractor (we do 95% of our own excavation and hauling); the walls were started in the right location and seemed to be rolling along… until week three…

Only one installer and one labour were on site, and work ground to a near standstill. Two weeks later, and barely 20% into the reinstallation, work halted completely. For nine weeks, the owners were given promises, then excuses, then their calls went unanswered… and at some point over this time, the excavation contractor, the laborers, and the supplier all came knocking looking for money. HOW NICE!!

The contractor had been paid 70% of the price quoted (A fair price it should be noted), but had not paid out much if anything. At this point in the job, the carport was being supported by 2 screw jacks… and it was a HUGE carport, the side of the driveway was caving onto a 7-foot deep hole, and once again, no engineering was completed for the work.

The Fix:

We were contacted through a string of referrals. The owners called the block manufacturer (Allan Block is made locally by CCI Industries), who called an engineer (Steve McKinney at TOOK Engineering), who referred us for the repair work. We met with the owners that night, had a proposal to them by the next morning, and were on site within 24 hours to begin work. They didn’t believe us when we said we’d be done in 3 days.

The Result

We were done in 3 days.

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