Water Features

Every water feature we install is unique and custom suited to your property. Our water features are low maintenance, automated and built to last. There are a variety of styles and preferences we can design into your custom water feature, including:

  • Waterfalls, streams
  • Pond or pondless designs
  • Koi habitiats
  • Wetland ecosystem filtration
  • Underwater lighting (one of the greatest accessories you could ever add to your feature)

Maintenance is important, and we want your pond to look great for years to come. Like any pool or hot tub, any water feature needs TLC from time to time. We offer regular pond cleaning and maintenance services, repairs, and also general improvements or rebuilds if your current water feature is operating below expectations.

There is nothing more soothing or relaxing than the sound of a gentle waterfall or fountain. Often our water features will include natural or custom stonework depending on the individual tastes of the homeowner.

The Cavalry considers all elements when designing custom water features to ensure that your landscape looks, feels and sounds like your own personal haven from the hectic world outside your home.

A water feature is sure to stand out in any landscape, see our gallery for examples of custom water features created for the most discerning of clients.