Bring your inner chef – outside

Bring your inner chef – outside

Trends in outdoor living can vary from season to season, however the concept of bringing the indoors outside, is much more than a trend – it’s a desire. Creating comfortable oases that are both functional and beautiful is at the foreground of this years’ “trend”.

As homeowners find they entertain more and more outdoors, they wish to make the most of time spent outside. Patios have become extensions of interior spaces, meaning that a basic BBQ is not always enough to meet their entertaining needs.

Beyond basic decks and patios, more landscapes this year will be transformed into full-service kitchens with brick ovens and grills, comfortable living and dining rooms featuring fireplaces and fire pits, and romantic canopy bedrooms.

Cavalry projects often include custom masonry cabinets with tile, stone or concrete counters, wood fired brick or stone pizza ovens, fireplaces and natural gas heaters. These are the things that will make your patio the envy of your neighbours.

Further to full services kitchens, homeowners are customising their space to reflect their style and needs. Themed spaces, such as yoga gardens or bocce fields, further personalize outdoor retreats to fit homeowners’ interests.

If you are interested in creating a full-service kitchen or a themed space, the Cavalry will ensure you get a stunning and practical space to meet your needs.