Backyard Retreat

THE ISSUE: New homeowners, Rick and Valerie, are semi-retired and new to the community. They had recently down-sized their home to a 4,000 square foot lot in Cloverdale. The owners wanted to re-create a naturalized backyard that provided more space on the patio and cleared away a rotting timber wall.

The owners had a clear vision for the backyard and worked with The Cavalry Construction group through the landscape design phase to incorporate a water feature and natural stone.

[span class=”box-title”]The Fix:[/span]
During the clearing phase some new problems emerged that need to be restored. A gas line was poorly installed and identified as a potential danger on the property. The Cavalry Construction Group replaced the pipe and re-did the previous contractor’s work to bring the gas line up to code.

Stairs on the property were not holding up and one of the crew members was able to re-construct the steps and better incorporate them into the new natural design of the backyard.

The work proposal for the crew was very detailed and the home owners were home during most of the renovation. As the project progressed, Rick and Valerie easily communicated with the team to make efficient decisions and get a clear understanding of the project.

[span class=”box-title”]The Result[/span]
The new property meets Rick and Valerie’s expectations. They now have a nice outdoor living space in the backyard to relax and enjoy the evening air.

Hey Greg, Sheri and Crew,

Just a quick word to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for all your great work to liven up and beautify our yard. You and your crew converted our yard from a nice, livable, “adequate” backyard into a “nature retreat” of peace and privacy.

What I appreciated was your personal, yet professional approach; your knowledge of landscaping materials, from the rocks to the plants; your obvious listening to our needs, desires and preferences; and your clear communications throughout the project. You also were able to very diplomatically bring together our expectations with a sense of reality and budget.

Your crew were great guys to work with as well – starting with the positive and professional attitude and service provided by Sheri, and then the work done by James, Paul, Dan, Nigel and several others with strong backs and great attitudes. They displayed a very positive and committed work ethic; high standards of quality and personal integrity – which included no smoking, no swearing, no loud music ( very conscious and aware of us and our neighbours ), and they displayed a good sense of team and mutual support – and they cleaned up very day.

I truly appreciated Paul’s initiative in his “side-project” on the steps. Not only are they “fixed” and are solid and sound, but they also look great and fit right in with the yard design itself. Thank you.

We had a sense of confidence from start to finish – from the initial consultation in the design meeting our needs and budget, all the way to the quality of the end-result of a truly beautiful finished project, including a final check and follow-up by the “boss man” himself.

Again, Greg, please accept and pass on our thanks and appreciation to you, Sheri, and your hard-working crew.
We have already received very positive feedback from our neighbours, and we are spreading the word about Cavalry Construction.

Rick and Valerie