natural light

Natural Light and Shade

natural lightUsing natural light and shade

When setting up your backyard, it’s easy to overlook how much natural light can improve the ambience of your yard.

Natural light is great for relaxing, entertaining and nourishing your garden. Natural light can also improve the atmosphere of your yard as it enhances the textures of beautiful architectural structures, plants and shrubs, stones and water features.

The Cavalry Construction Group provides expert landscaping design and construction services to make the most out of sunshine and shade.

If you want to rethink your backyard this season, start with the Cavalry.

natural lightDon’t overlook natural light in your backyard

Utilizing sunshine and shade will help create a more pleasant and enjoyable backyard. Consider the amount of sunshine that flows through your outdoor space:

  • Where is the sun shining from?
  • Are any trees or structures blocking natural light?
  • How does the light shine throughout the day?

Making small adjustments can help you feature light in a more attractive way. Set up your backyard seating to take advantage of a sunrise or sunset. Consider a water feature which will reflect sunlight to help expand the appearance of a small space.

natural lightNatural and artificial shade

Shade is as important as natural light. Not all plants and shrubs can survive in direct sunlight. Shade provides a cool atmosphere for you and your garden in the spring and summer months.

Trees and sculptures will also cast interesting shadows across your yard throughout the day.

Getting Started

The Cavalry Construction Group works with owners of fine homes to evaluate their options and budgets. We will use our experience and knowledge to utilize natural light to create the best landscaping design for your yard. Make the most out of your backyard by using natural light and shade to improve your outdoor living space.

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