Top Landscaping Trends 2013

Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry is one of the ways we continually push the envelope in terms of creativity and design. Below are some of the top trends in 2013 for landscape construction:

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  • Fire & Water – Pools and fire features have both been popular for many years. However, lately we’ve seen many examples of them being used together to create stunning effects. Fire adds ambiance to any pool setting and creates a warm glow that is more pleasing than artificial light.
  • Hi-Tech Yards – Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we do many things – from banking to shopping and now even enjoying our backyards. Many fire and water features can be controlled remotely using the latest technology.
  • Black Fencing – When it comes to wood fencing, most people opt to leave the boards with a natural look or paint them white. Black fencing can act as a negative space to make a yard seem larger. Other reasons for dark fence colors include providing a dramatic backdrop or coordinating with the exterior colors of a home. While most homeowners are apprehensive about painting or staining their fence black, once they see the results they realize it was a good choice.
  • Splashes of Colour – Adding bright splashes of color on architectural elements has been popular for a few years now. Often a simple bright red gate set on a white fence can add a pop of colour to your yard.
  • Mexican Beach Pebbles – Mexican beach pebbles are a clean, attractive and low-maintenance option when it comes to mulching. It’s no wonder homeowners are requesting them. Some users say that with weed block they provide an almost effortless landscape and others point out that they allow water to go back into the ground instead of washing down the storm drains. However, people with kids or dogs be warned, they may not be the best option.
  • Succulents – Over the past few years succulents have found their way into many gardens. They are so popular that they can be found displayed front and center at nurseries. What has lead to their sudden rise in stardom? According to many, it is because they are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant and easy to multiply. Designers love them for their color and texture as well as their otherworldly quality and ability to complement many types of architecture. However, Lisa Port, of Banyon Tree Design Studio in Seattle, cautions that rain and soggy soils will destroy them.
  • Ornamental Grasses – Grasses have risen to the forefront of the plant world in the last few years because they create high impact without a lot of water or maintenance. People’s opinions vary widely when it comes to planting ornamental grasses in a residential landscape – some love them, while others think they are too messy.
  • Natural Gardens – With the recent interest in sustainability, many homeowners are becoming more aware of what they grow in their gardens. Slowly we are beginning to see climate-appropriate plants appear in residential gardens.