2014 Outdoor Design Trend #4: Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Counters

Bring the kitchen outside for enjoyable prep-work and cooking while spending time with the family or guests.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been putting together a list of 6 outdoor living and landscape construction design trends that fine homeowners have been asking The Cavalry to integrate into their yard this season.

Last week, we revealed our third outdoor design trend for 2014, features and focal points in gardens.

This week, our fourth outdoor design trend is Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Counters.

Be the master chef in your own backyard.

Grills are still the most popular appliance in any backyard. We can help you incorporate attractive grills and cooking surfaces into your outdoor living space.
The choices are endless when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. With well-placed shelving and countertops, create a backyard bar. These are great for entertaining and will make for a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Custom work by the Cavalry will ensure you get a stunning and practical outdoor kitchen.

Our projects often include custom masonry cabinets with tile, stone or concrete counters, wood fired brick or stone pizza ovens, fireplaces and natural gas heaters. These are the things that will make your patio the envy of your neighbours.