2014 Outdoor Design Trend #3: Features and focal points in your garden

Maximize display space with tiered design. We help homeowners select plants with as little or as much maintenance as they’d like.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been putting together a list of 6 outdoor living and landscape construction design trends that fine homeowners have been asking The Cavalry to integrate into their yard this season.

We’ll be reviewing the remaining trends over the next few weeks. Last week, we revealed our second outdoor design trend for 2014, landscape lighting.

This week, our third outdoor design trend is features and focal points in gardens

Big yard or small yard, focal points in gardens will change the way you look at your backyard.

Lacking a green thumb? Or just looking for a simple approach to your garden? Drought-tolerant and native plants are ideal for low maintenance landscaped gardens.

If you’re leaning towards a more functional use, fruit and vegetable gardens are a great food source and will reduce environmental impact. They create great focal points in gardens.

The use of natural stone will help enhance your garden by providing elevations and contours. Natural stone is also low maintenance and provides a natural character that is unavailable in other building materials.

Whether you’re looking for a colourful landscaped garden or a more subtle approach, the Cavalry will help you create an attractive and unique landscaped garden, ideal for your backyard.